Autonomous Vehicles are Defending Themselves!

When full autonomous vehicles will be on the roads for the first time is one of the asked topics.

Autonomous vehicles are making us excited as technology changes rapidly. Important solutions are waiting for the serious issues for autonomous vehicles are waiting while we’re getting prepared to see them in our lives within a couple of years. Especially the risks involved in cyber-attacks and the risk of accident; lack of infastructure in our country are some of the debated topics. Autonomous systems aka. autonomous vehicles needs tracks to conduct the tests.

As technology is progressing thoroughout our lives, there are lots of progresses in automotive sector. As we all know, one of them is autonomous vehicles. While autonomous vehicles are preparing to enter in our lives, it’s been predicted that their market value will be more than 60 billion euros. Despite big expectations and goals have been created, some problems about autonomous vehicles are waiting for solutions.

Especially how autonomous vehicles will enter our lives, how their safety will be guarenteed, what kind of precautions will be taken against cyber-attacks and the proficiency of the level of infastructure are some of them. While those questions are being wondered about autonomousvehicles, AVL Research Engineering’s general manager of Turkey Dr. Serkan Impram has shared important information. Here are the details.

Are autonomous vehicles ready for 2025?

When full autonomous vehicles will be on the roads for the first time is one of the asked topics. Automotive producers preparations for autonomous vehicles are being expected to be completed till 2025. But some of the unproducing firms goals might be a little bit different.

In this point, the level of automation level should be chosen appropiately. L5 level means the vehile is fully autonomous vehicle and because it requires certain levels of infastructure it doesn’t look like it’ll be completed till 2025. L4 level, for example; it contains the functions of coming to us when we call it or it can park itself. It’s been predicted that this level of vehicles will be on the market in a shorter period of time.

L3 level is having similar functions like traffic congestion asistant at the backside because of safety of the driver. At this level of autonomous vehicles are known to be entering the market in the shortest amount of time compared to other levels. D1 level contains the functions like lane following asistant, adaptive speed stabilizer are already been on the use for a long time.

Are autonomous vehicles safe?

Important systems are being developed for autonomous vehicles safety. When we look at the data from World Health Organization, 11-22 million deaths per year occurs in traffic accidents. 90 percent of those are caused by drivers. The biggest mistakes made by drivers are falling asleep while driving, lack of attention, mistakes of perception, inattentiveness, mistakes at decision making and lack of performance. In order to prevent those accidents, some features have been added to fully autonomousvehicles to prevent those accidents.

Driver exhaustion detection system, blind spot detection system, pedestrian detection system, emergency situation brake system, lane leaving warning system are among some of those precautions. When we take them into account, fully autonomous vehicles sees, perceives and commentates better than humans. There’ll be a system that makes faster decisions and applying them faster and when we look at the situation in our time, it’ll be perceived that it’ll be much more safer than a typical driver.

Autonomous vehicles will fight back against cyber attacks

One of the debated topics about autonomous vehicles is cyber security. There are many studies are conducted to make autonomousvehicles to defend themselves. Cyber-security firms are working with automotive firms and GSM firms in this field. Of course the risk of cyber-attack willbe imminent when you opened the computers and softwares except from the system in this vehicle because even the most reliable corporation’s websites can be hacked and be used for ill-intentions.

So, systems that can detect and takes precautions against cyber attacks, to make notifications to neccessary authorities even more it can close the vehicle if neccessary are perceived to enter into our lives.

How the tests of those driverless vehicles are being conducted? What is the biggest setback for autonomous vehicles in our country? Which sector does autonomous vehicles will create opportunities? Continues on the news.


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