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Autonomous Vehicles are Defending Themselves!

When full autonomous vehicles will be on the roads for the first time is one of the asked topics.

It’s important to create runways to conduct tests on autonomousvehicles for our country to develop autonomous vehicles technoogy. Unfortunately, adequate testing infastructure is limited, only a couple of large-scale producers exist but they don’t have specialized sections for autonomous vehicles. But with a consortium, it’s possible to improve the infastructure if appropiate firms makes the neccessary investment.

For example, Hungary is making investments on this field. A smart testing runway is being made 10 kilometers long that contains artificial urban envoirment and smart highway envoirment. We can build this infastructure in Turkey. In order to do this,Marmara Region could be chosen because it’s close to Europe and many automotive producers exists there. In a certain field, for example; a region of TEM Highway that’s been decided to run the tests can be turned into a test field by using different smart fixed sensors and V2X comunicating systems.

Software sector’s percentage will increase in the future

As autonomous technologies improves so does it’s total market share will increase of overall autonomous sector in the future. In 2020, autonomousvehicles market share will be around 60 billion euros. Many fields like V2X, HMI and V2X infastructure and equipment fields will grow and in the autonomous market; mapping, data security, control systems software, hardware technoogies, sensor softwares and sensor equipment technologies will also grow.

What do you think about autonomous vehicles? What are your thoughts about autonomous vehicles are being driven and being developed? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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