Baby Bag That Helps Mothers Has Been Developed!

This special bags contains some special technologies for helping mothers. What are the features of interesting baby back? In our news...

Developed bags for mothers which keeps the warm and contains the technology for helping mothers. Interesting baby bag, in our news…

As you know, a mom who has a baby, have to carry their diapers, clothes when they are not home. Beside, for these mothers some special bags were developed. This special bags keeps the warm of the baby’s bottle and contains some special technologies for helping mothers.

What are the features of  the baby back-pack?

Parents have to take giant bags when they go out. Beacuse their children can be hungry or dirty their clothes up. So, they should get a giant bag which keeps the all needs. There are many brands that develop these kind of bags. Philips is one of them. Philips Avent develops baby metarials and medical services for helping mothers. Also, there is a baby bag for parents.

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This bag has not an uncouth appereance. It seems like a normal bag. There is an option that you can choose the dark blue one. This bag has special pockets that can keeps the warm and cold of the baby’s bottles and food. Boiled water or milk can stay hot for up to 4 hours. Two of Philips own bottles can fit into the pockets. The price of Philips mother and baby back-pack models ia about 80 TL. Inclueded with the bag there are changing diaper mat, wash bag and shoulder strap. The bag is not just like a back-pack; there are also shoulder bags. For example; Neoprene ThermaBag has the same features.

So do you use the technology of mother- baby metarials? You can share your experiences and comments in the comments section.

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