Baby Carriages Will Fit Our Bag!

While the baby carriages are folded, they take up a lot of space and they create a big problem for the parents both when moving and in vehicles or public transport. Moreover, it is not only the floor covering, but also the closure of the opening and closing because of the closure of the babies who are still among the biggest problems.

For this reason, it was not possible for the stroller to carry their baby carriages in such a way that parents could not prevent their lives during the day and that they would not have a load on them. Technology has found a solution and the world’s smallest folding baby carriage now entered our lives. Here are the details…

Baby carriages will fit our bag!

Baby carriages are very important for parents. Even before the baby is born, the most research is done and the money is taking place among the details spent. Even if it is examined, the difficulties in use leave the parents in a difficult situation in their daily lives. Even if the baby cars are fully closed, the difficulty of opening and closing makes the lives of the users very difficult. The name of the technology that solves this problem: Pockit

The Pockit stroller is designed for highly mobile parents during the day. This stroller is small enough to fit in your bag when folded; therefore, it does not make your daily life difficult. In seconds, you can move it without pushing. So you can take it out of a case and bring it back into a stroller.

Pockit has a weight of less than 5 kg. Its light weight makes it not difficult for the users and allows them to move more actively with their babies during the day. Pockit‘s functions are too strong to underestimate. The baby carriage only has a size of 11.8 × 7 × 13.8 but is able to handle a weight that is inversely proportional to its small size. Strong enough to hold a child up to about 25 kg. Even the basket in Pockitabils car can carry up to 5 kg of materials.

Pockit is the world’s smallest folding stroller. He even entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2014. When folded, it is the smallest and most compact according to the existing strollers. Even when folded, it can even fit in hand luggage areas on the top of the plane or train. This makes it easier for you to travel and travel.

So how is the world’s smallest baby car used? How does it become a baby carriage?


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