Be Prepared To Meet With Artificial Intelligence In McDonalds!

As artificial intelligence is being prepared to do more can humans do, we’re having a fast and efficient changes in our lives. As artificial intelligence didn’t captured us completely against doomsday scenarios, it’s use has been increased in many fields. There’s a process every single day and we encounter different examples of artificial intelligence. Now artificial intelligence, which became a part in our lives is inside the fast-food sector. One of the world’s leading fas-food chain McDonalds haven’t turned down on the progress of artificial intelligence. It has taken the first step to implement it. Here are the details.

What does McDonalds will do with artificial intelligence?

For example, it’ll recommend cold drinks at how weather, machines that recommends customer s colder delacicies like ice cream and it’ll recommend hot drinks on cold weather. It’ll recomment dinner options for customers when it’s evening and also it’ll recommend breakfast options to customer if it’s morning time. Or, it’ll recommend meals that can be prepared faster to customer if the customer came at the restaurant in it’s busiest hour.

McDonalds will use machine learning in artificial intelligence. Those machines will determine the customers favourite foods and will guess what the customer will eat by analyzing the customer’s past experiences. Thus, it’ll make more specific recommendations to customers.

Well, what does McDonalds aim in this project? How it looks and how can we use it? Videos and details continues at the news.


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