Child Robot Being Developed To Feel Pain!

Affetto the child robot can feel pain and reach accordingly. On our news.

As robotics is one of the most popular technologies; investments rise according to its developments. Now, robots can live with humans and they can’t feel anything right now. But, Japanese scientists have created a child robot can change the situation. Because Affetto the child robot can feel the pain. On our news…

How humanoid robots can feel pain?

Humanoid development aimed at making humans live with them. Even more, many occupational fields including judges will become robots. But, their relationship with humans is critical.

Physically similar robots already became a success. Recently, artificial intelligence allowed robots to decide, feel, and perceive. But, they couldn’t feel empathy and pain. Consequently, people got concerned about the use of robots. Because they can cause severe harm to humans. Now, scientists at the University of Osaka made child robot Affetto feel.

How Affetto the child robot reacts to pain?

Affetto the child robot being advertised in 2011. And it continued to develop even to this day. They allowed feeling with a synthetic tissue that can perceive changes in pressure. Then, the tissue is mimicked to human skin. Finally, it’s been tested on Affetto.

Affetto’s skin sensors allow it to feel pain. So, it can change its reaction according to the pressure it feels. So, Affetto can protect itself from pain. But, Affetto’s childish appearance can challenge researchers while testing.

We might call that this robot is a development to make robots social. It makes robots to connect with humans to have healthy relationships.

What do you think about humanoids? What are your thoughts about Affetto the child robot? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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