Who’s the Leader in Artificial Intelligence?

Here are China’s Crazy Projects...

Artificial intelligence is one of the most wondered topic in technology. Pretty much the whole world is talking about this. When we look at the investment US is the leader because in many fields of technology has lots of accepted scientific approaches and many of the ventures are established on there. Even more, one of the reason is that technology giants in the US are entering into artificial intelligence.

China is not empty on this field and they’re conducting intensive studies to close this gap. In order to do this, Chinese technology giants have already started to conduct studies. China showcases 2030 as a leader in artificial intelligence. As we understand, competition in artificial intelligence between China and the US gets intensified.

Of course other countries are not becoming viewers and they’re conducting their studies. England has been accepted as they’re a little bit ahead of it’s competitors. EU countries, Japan and Canada are following their leaders and they’re conducting their studies on artificial intelligence.

China ’s strategy is a bit different

China moves on this field as they make different strategies in technology compared to other countries. For example, they continue to collect their resident’s data with cold blood. With those data, they can develop machine learnng technologies. Chinese consumers don’t even complain about their data is being used like that. They watch their country with full excitement as their data being used to further strenghen China ’s position on machine learning and to create the most improved economic model. The situation is a little bit different on the West because data control is on the hands of the owners of this data and personal data is protected much more.

Artificial intelligence will contribute to global economy 15,7 trillion dollars

According to predictions made from PricewaterCoopers, artifiial intellgence technologies will make huge contributions to global economy. For example, artificial intelligence’s contribution to global economy is being expected to be 15,7 trillion dollars before 2030. According to predictions, half of it will be added to China while much less than a quarter will be added to the US.

China is building a smart city

Artificial inteligence changes the places we live and cities are getting smarter. China has started to condct construction for it’s smart city. 3 million residents are planned to live in this city. 380 billion dollars will be spent to build this city. We stated that China gives huge importance to data collection. For this reason China will build infastructure that helps China to collect data. Autonomous vehicles will take it’s place on smart cities and a süper highway will be mad efor those vehicles. When autonomous vehicles are being compared to their counterparts, they’ll be 30 percent faster. With traffic perceptive is being set on smart cities, deaths related to traffic accidents will decrease sharply.

China’s Sharp Eyes project

China uses artificial intelligence in many different fields. As we stated recently that smart city project is one of them. Another project that China is working on is called Sharp Eyes. With Sharp Eyes project, all broadcasting cameras will be communicating with each other and they can detect criminals and unrests instantenously. This system is not just targeting the cities, they’ll reach onto villages. It’s already been started to be applied in pilot regions. Collected data shows that crime rates decrease in pilot regions.

While the whole world is fighting for the lead, our country is not on the sidelines. What is being made? Continues on the news.


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