Consciousness Transformation Becomes A Reality!

How does consciousness transformation will be made?

Consciousness transformation was from sci-fi movies. While sci-fi movie technologies turns into reality, a claim states that consciousness transformation might become a reality. But how? Here are the details.

How does consciousness transformation will be made? Does immortality is coming?

Netcone stated that they can preserve human brain by scanning. Even more, they foresee that they can rework the mind of a dead people. But, they need a real and fresh human brain.

Even more, Netcome states that neural network maps can be examined thorough details. So, they state that a dead person’s memories can be reconstructed. Our memories will be mapped and a world will be created. Some neuroscientists defends that it is possible.

Before this project is going to be made, they need to conduct tests on live brains. To do this, they plan to work with terminally ill patients.

How does conscious transformation will be made? What it can own? Which sci-fi movie turns into reality? Continues on the news.


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