What Is Digital Twin Project

The digital twin project, which is called one of the biggest technologies of today, opens the door to many innovations. The digital twin technology, which came to the fore in 2002, has begun to experience today. So what is digital twin project? What are its real purpose and benefits? How is a digital twin created?

What is Digital Twin Project?

The “digital twins project” is a digital representation and powerful simulation of a physically existing object, system, or process. While the digital twin of an object, system, or process is produced with this project; It is essential not to change that object. Digital twins are also called by names such as the virtual prototype and digital asset method.

What is The Purpose of Digital Twin Project?

This project, which matches the physical worlds in the virtual, aims to analyze data, eliminate problems before they occur, shorten failure processes, develop new opportunities, and even shape the future with the simulation method. Thanks to this project, complex elements such as aircraft engines, trains, turbines, and ships can be produced and tested by producing digital twins.

How is Digital Twin Formed?

The operation of the digital twin system is of course based on a workflow. Let us tell you these steps:

  • First, sensors are integrated into the object to be extracted with a digital twin to obtain real-time research, information about operating status, and location.
  • All the components collected by the sensors are uploaded to a cloud-based system.
  • Incoming components are analyzed according to business and contextual data.
  • The data collected as a result of this analysis forms the digital twin.

Who was The First to Invent Digital Twins Technology?

Many sources prove that NASA used this technology from the 1960s. However, used this technique under the name of “basic pairing”.

The term “digital twins” was first used by Gartner in 2016 as one of the “top 10 strategic technology trends of 2017”. Later this term has gained great fame and rise.

Why is The Digital Twins Project Important?

With this technology, new doors will be opened to many innovative technologies. Billions of things produced with digital twins will be in our lives in the coming years.

With digital twin technology, we will be able to test and use many things with the least cost. In this way, brands will be able to make more research and development by transferring the budget they invested in the test stages to the R&D budget. Thanks to this technology, brands will be able to listen to customer requests more and increase customer satisfaction.

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