DNA Will Be Used To Store Data!

Does DNA will be used to store digital data? Here’s the answer...

Data is the most important jewelry that’s been important to mine and store. As technology evolves, data storage becomes safer, wider and more efficient. DNAs are already being used to store up data. Does DNA will be used to store digital data? Here’s the answer.

Wikipedia Data is being stored in DNA

2 MIT graduates created Catalog to store data in human DNA. By taking English Wikipedia pages data; they stored them inside human DNAmolecule.,

First, 16 GB of Wikipedia data is being stored in DNA but they continue their studies to increase the capacity. Furthermore, it’s been stored to something very small as a humanDNA .

How to transmit data to DNA?

This experiment was carried out by a living room sized DNA printer. Despite it’s a little bit huge compared to our storing options, DNA printer can process data by 4 megabits per second. Now, they aim to make it 1000 times faster. If it goes as expected, 125 GB of data will be processed in the human DNA.

While data is being stored, they use a very small thread of humanDNA that’s synthetic. In order to store up more data, they use millions of them.

Some thoughts states that this study puts DNA’s data downloading structure backwards. But, they undermine that DNA is the most fundamental and compact biological material. For this reason, it’s better than all data storing devices even though its being distorted. Even more, extinct animals DNA can be found on remains.

Catalog is not just working on storing data on humanDNA . They also aim to store data on the solar system and already started the project.

What do you think about data is being stored onDNA? What do you think about solar system and DNA’s use on data storage? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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