Does Bone Glue Being Used To Treat Fractures?

While some old technologies are used today; bone glue became out of touch due to it’s difficult process

While some old technologies are used today; bone glue became out of touch due to it’s difficult process. Now, it’s been updated and put to use again. But how? Here are the details.

What does bone glue works for, how it’s used?

Bone glue was made from animal bones and being used by carpeteners for centuries. It’s main feature is not harming the envoirment.

Because bone glue’s process is slow; it becomes inappropiate for industrial stages. While bone glue is being made, animal bones are made to dust and dissolves in water; then, it’s been turned into a tough jelly. It’s process limits the bone glue use.

As old technologies can be used again; experts considers that bone glue can be used for restoration and wood materials. Even more, it can be used on treating bone fractures because the process of production can become shorter.

Bone glue can be dissolved by heat even though it stayed as a glue for 100 years. So, it becomes easier to fix things and correct the mistakes. When the heat is applied; it starts to dissolve and if neccessary; it can be combined again and faults are fixed.

Another main feature is that it has infinite shell life. As a result, glue solutions can be hidden by drying them and can be used again by heating it and adding water.

What do you think about the use of old technologies? Which old technologies can be used again by combining the new? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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