Dominance of Robots!

What kind of chaos we encounter when robots become dominant?

With robots, we witness another technology age and this transformation lloks like that already changed the balance. In near future, we might be fighting with them or we might become reliant for our survival. Robots will replace many jobs from us. Our routines might be conducted by them. They will work for us, they will rush to the chores and they will make shopping for us.

We always tell you what will change in the future. All of us knows that we’re in a global change. And this change offers us opportunities when it comes to power. It looks like that in this new technology age, sinew reliant and routine jobs will get replaced from us. So, routine things like cleaning and driving will become history and we will become much more concentrated to the jobs we can’t make because we don’t have time that requires much more human quality. Actually, the dominance of robots not just targets the occupational field. Some of them are search and rescue and healthcare.

Especially healthcare applications eill become much more detailed and much more appropiately. Robots that being integrated medically will perform applications like surgery much more sensitively. Flexible robots will work with search and rescue crews.

In some places, robots dominance will decrease reliance on humans. One of the fields that gets into domnance is homemade tools. For example, when we run out of cheese in the fridge, it will order it automatically. Thus, we assume that this technology exists. So, we have less chores to do. One of the theories that circulates about robots is that humand will be in control and the supervision of robots and we finally will adopt the roles given to us by them.

Well, what kind of chaos we encounter when robots become dominant? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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