Drone Helpers Coming to Settlements!

Cargo and ambulance drones will be at work very soon. For what purpose drone technology will be used in residential areas? In our news...

Drones count days to serve humanity in various fields. Drones that bring cargo and ambulance drones will be at work very soon. Here are the details..

Turkey’s share in production with significant advanced country producers and users of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV); leaving it to fully autonomous, highly maneuverable and multitasking aircraft. UAVs are not only limited to performing their tasks, but also lead to developments in different fields. Using the knowledge gained in this field, it offers an infrastructure that supports drone technology developed as a similar technology.

Although unmanned aerial vehicles are only associated with war and military units; Drones, one of the tiny and helpful of these vehicles, count the days to serve humanity in various fields. In the not too distant future, we will see drones in our settlements as an important part of our lives, among the aircraft that are completely isolated from humans and equipped with various scales, powered by electricity or mine-based fuels, and equipped with engine types.

For what purpose drone technology will be used in residential areas?

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, which are the basis of drone technology, take the stage with military-based development; Nowadays, drones are reduced to the shelves of wholesale markets. While this situation led drones to take place in the entertainment industry; On the one hand, it allows to increase the role of drone technology in different fields and to make projects on it.

One of the examples for projects of drones in different areas is to deliver cargo with drones. This project, carried out by an overseas cargo and logistics firm, seems to provide great convenience to customers, especially in rural areas of the countries. In this project, the cargo member performing the drone duty can simultaneously deliver cargo on a different route. After completing the given task, the cargo drone comes to the new location of the delivery truck and gets ready for new deliveries. There is no doubt that these drones, which are still in the test phase, will help cargo employees by taking a more active role in the logistics world when the project is completed.

A similar example is ambulance drones. These drones fill their carrying capacities with useful loads such as anti-crisis drugs (asthma medicine, insulin, antidote, adrenaline), first aid kits, cold compress and mini electroshock devices. Thus, it is developing within the framework of a project aiming to prevent loss of life due to equipment deficiencies. In a possible case that cannot be reached by normal vehicles or in cases where the loss of time in transportation will be critical, it can easily help the points that the teams cannot reach by eliminating the equipment deficiency. At the same time, these drones, which also provide camera and sound support, can raise the awareness of the people around to keep the damage of the injured at the most reasonable levels by directing the people around.

This smart and technological breakthroughs that facilitate life to which Turkey is a close follower of the developments in the local and universal seems to eliminate the need of many people. We look forward to new developments.

So what do you think about drone technology? Where else do you think this technology can be used?

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