Early Diagnosis of Cancer Increases With Artificial Intelligence

Technology have caused healthcare sector to leap huge steps. Right now many diseases diagnosis and treatments have been started to use new technologies. Especially technology giants are making investments and conducting researches for this sector. Finally great news came from Google. Google have developed AI (artificial intelligence) that calculates lung cancer. With recent technology developed by Google wants to make cancer scans more accessible and  to increase early diagnosis. Here are the details.

Lung cancer is the most lethal one compared to other cancers in our day. The most important factors are the use of cigarettes and genetic factors. Lung cancer takes more than 1,7 million lives per year. This ratio is much more than breast, prostate and bowel cancers.

Google Have Developed Artificial Intelligence For Cancer Diagnosis

Another issue with cancer is that it’s very difficult to diagnose before it came to it’s final phase and also the early diagnosis of the cancer as well. Google is determined to change that situation. Fot his new AI or artificial intelligence based instrument hopes that calculation of lung cancer calculated more correctly and also making it more accessible.

In order tos can lung cancer radiologists generally watches hundreds of images from single scan. This new AI (artificial intelligence) model, Google can identify lung nodules and being able to produce lung cancer calculation. Evenmore artificial intelligence uncovers suspicious tissue’s growth rate by examining past scans.

In order to test this model Google have required 45. 856 X-Ray examinations from it’s artificial intelligence. On it’s first study, Google’ artificial intelligence have found out five percent more cancer diagnosis than radiologists.

Many Artificial Intelligence Studies have Being Conducted For Cancer Diagnosis

Before the model gets deployed it requires additional clinical researches and tests. However Google told that first results are encouraging. Evenmore, Corporation have stated that only 2 percent of US’ suitable patients have been scanned for lung cancer.Like other artificial intelligence based diagnosis tools Google hopes to make early diagnosis more accessible.

Another technologhical study about cancer research is being conducted in the UK. Scientists from University College London (UCL) have been improving newer Technologies for deadly bowel cancer and polips to detect them at it’s first phase and also asisting the patient’s recovery. As named by Odin Vison uses the combination of artificial intelligence and space technology combination to diagnosis sensitivity.

Well which kind of cancer types can being diagnosed by recently developed Technologies by the USA, France and Germany? What kind of success it caught from these tests? What does artificial intelligence provides in different cancer types before 2033? Continues at the news


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