Earthquake Detection with Fiber Cable!

The fiber cable will be used not only for internet but also for earthquake prediction! Natural disasters will occur as long as we live. Earthquakes which cause great loss of life and property are the most frequent occurrences of these natural disasters. Although it is unlikely to be prevented, the necessary measures can be taken in advance and the damage can be minimized. But how?

Today, there are various methods for earthquake prediction. But it needs a comprehensive sensor. In the studies, fiber cables providing internet access were able to detect earthquakes. Fiber detectors aim to minimize the loss of life and property in earthquakes.

So how will the earthquake detection be realized with these fiber cables? How big are these cables to detect earthquakes?

In the research, a slight shaking and seismic movements can be detected with fiber cables. This technology developed by the laser interrogators monitors the deterioration of the fiber and can determine the magnitude and direction of the vibration and send it as information. It can also transfer the severity of the threat as well as earthquake detection.

In fact, the idea of ​​detection by fiber cable is not new. In previous studies, acoustic detection was applied to cement. However, fiber cables can no longer be sensitized to high levels of interference.

These detectors, which are not as expensive as thought, are also easy to use! The technology used during the testing phase is now being tested at Stanford with a fiber cable loop of approximately 5 km. This network can be applied in the cities where the fault line is located, even if not in the country.

Do you think that fiber cables will achieve good results for earthquake prediction? Please share your comments with us…


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