Earthquake Protector Bed Got Invented!

Now, technology has found a solution. An earthquake bed got invented.

Geology states that there’d be no life if there were no tectonic movements. And it’s right. Despite earthquakes scares us; plates are moving because of the difference in viscosite and shatters because of high pressure. Because they occur naturally; there’s no way to prevent earthquakes right now.

There are lots of concussions around the day even though we don’t feel anything. As there are three different faultlines; we have to take precautions like strenghening our buildings. But, they are not being taken; or we caught up when we were asleep. Now, technology has found a solution. An earthquake bed got invented. Here are the details.

It turns into a lifeplace on earthquakes

One of the biggest reasons of death is that people are generally asleep on earthquakes. A technology corporation designed earthquake beds while planned to do trains and supermarkets. It’s been named as anti-earthquake bed.

The first thing of anti-earthquake bed is to turn it into a living space; then, helping people to sleep more comfortably. Because this bed can turn into a shelter on the event of an earthquake.

Vibrant sensors have been calibrated to give reactions to a certain vibrations on the underground. Safety sensors don’t put your life on danger by preventing to get into effect if an obastacle occured. Also, this bed contains every material we need.

This bed puts you inside when earthquake signals are felt. By depending on the size and it’s design, its shutting mechanism can work differently. Even more, you don’t run out of air. While it’s been equipped with airproof vents and it becomes open when there’s no danger of smoke.

How does search and rescue crews finds us? How long can we stay? How much does it cost if you want to buy one? Continues on the news.


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