Electric Scooter Age Started in Transportation!

Green envoirmental projects has increased rapidly. Many products like electric cars have been launched in the market. While those products are making our lives easier, now we have electric scooters. But how can we use electric scooters? Details are on the news.

What is electric scooter sharing system?

We see electric scooters for 2 to 3 years. But it’s popularity came down to folks. While electric scooters can be used in many shapes, it has apps like e-scooter sharing services that allows us to share our scooters.

There are many mutual sharing electric scooters exists in Istanbul. They can be used by downloading apps to our phones and activating them. So, you save your time and energy, then you contribute to nature by using them instead of using cars in short distances.

How can electric scooters can be used?

One of the electric scooter sharing app is Martı. Martı is a Turkish venture and it’s been developed in Istanbul and made by Turkish engineers. It’s easy to use Martı with mutual sharing electric scooters. You just download the free app of Martı and you choose the closest Martı user from the map. Then you scan the scooter’s code on your phone.

You can open Martı’s physical lock by a 4 digit code sent to your phone. Then, you can start using the electric scooter. You start to pay 3 TL as a usage fee and you pay 0.75 TL per minute and you pay 10.5 TL. In recent weeks, similar electric scooter sharing service has been launched. Electric scooter named Palm is different frok Martı by a different mission.

What is the most afforadble electric mutual sharing scooter? What is the scooter only used at university campus? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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