Facebook is Developing Mind Reading Technology!

Despite we’ve seen this technology from various movies, Facebook believes that they can develop this technology and Facebook restarted to rise as they made a small statement in 2017.

How will Facebook’s mind reading technology will work and how does it function?

Facebook gave information about creating an interface between brain and computer and stated that they’ll become loyal to their mission even though it might take decades. According to plans, Facebook will create a technology by scanning brain activities with infared lights.

As brain cells consumes oxygen, if they developed a technology to detect oxygen level, they aim to indirectly measure brain activities.

How does Facebook ’s mind reading prototype looks like?

Facebook plans to take help from puls oxymeter to measure the changes by examining oxygen level on blood. This device can make it’s measurements according to infared absorbement.

Even more, Facebook has created a prototype for their device. This prototype looks like a headphone above the ear. It’s main aim is to perceive a word from the users’ mind.

While Facebook fecused on choosing, deleting and moving forward; they belive that they can manage to combine augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

What are the concerns about Facebook’s device for mind reading technology? Why does this device causes some measurements being taken by Facebook? When will we start to use this technology? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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