Frequently Asked 5 Questions About Artificial Intelligence

What is artificial intelligence (ai) ? AI is  destroying humanity by controlling the world or not?

Artificial intelligence ( ai technology ) make us surprised with more developments. Despite they know lots of things about us, we know very little about them. So, what ai is ? Can ai machine learning  will dominate the world? Here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers…

5 Frequently Asked Questions About ( ai technology ) AI and machine learning for humans !

-What the artificial intelligence is?

While it’s a frequently asked question; it been defined as a working system that tries to mimic human intelligence. So, this technology (ai technology) aims machines to have human-like talents.

-How much they know about us?

We encounter ai on the internet (especially e-commerce platforms). Then, they bring us the best combination for us. For example they bring personalized ads. So, AI has enough information about us.

-Are they going to destroy mankind?

According to experts, robots will argue with people within five years. Even more, some futurists say that AI can destroy mankind.

-Can AI conquer the world?

Some scientists claim that they’ll bring doom to mankind. Even though we say that it happens in movies.

-Where could we encounter AI?

Bots on gaming are a result of artificial intelligence. At the same time, ai chatbot are amongst them.

We can encounter voice assistants like Siri. Even more, some predictions state that we’ll see them more frequently.

What is ai and machine learning according to you? What can this technology do artificial intelligence future? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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