Google Watching Social Distancing for Coronavirus With Location Data

Google watch social distancing using location data wit its new tool.

Google watch social distancing rules using location data with its new tool.The whole world keeps working to cope with coronavirus. News for cure or vaccine is being expected with hope and countries take different means to put an end to pandemic. But, keeping social distancing is the most efficient way. And Google’s recent tool tracks social distance by directional data. Here are the details.

First, coronavirus being seen in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Now, it became a global pandemic, and governments take precautions like quarantine and public transportation limitations.

Even though the best way is social isolation, keeping social distance decreases the percentage of infection. While social isolation and social distance are topics of certain researches; Google has examined the data and prepared a report for 131 countries.

What does Google’s social distancing report contain?

Reports for 131 countries have been published openly on a website. Google has aimed to measure the efficiency of quarantine and how much people comply with social distancing.

This tool uses mobile devices’ location informations. By examining location informations; it can reveal what we do throughout the day. But, their main goal is to track social movement.

All the data for 131 countries have been evaluated on retail, shops, entertainment, markets, pharmacies, stations, workplaces, and homes. Google has promised the privacy shall be maintained at this report. And they announced that this report can be used to shape precautions.

Do you comply with social distance? Do you think that social distance is protecting you? What do you think about Google’s watch? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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