Hallucinating Machine That Shows Things That Don’t Exist!

A hallucination machine that deceived our brains and showed things that do not exist as they exist was developed. In our news...

A hallucination machine that deceived our brains and showed things that do not exist as they exist was developed. So, how does this machine deceive our brains? Here are the details.

The situation of sensory experiences that appear real but are created by your mind is called hallucination. By creating this sense, a new machine has been developed that allows you to be in a hallucination .Scientist invented a hallucination machine by combining artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Here are the details.

What have people done with the hallucination machine?

Researchers from the University of Sussex have developed a machine to figure out how the brain process what it sees. The technology called a hallucination machine was aims to show up how the brain does its perception functions and sorts hallucination while in consciousness. Actually, hallucinations have also been created by using different technologies in the past. However, the researchers were not successful.

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On this machine, researchers of the Sussex University made use of a version of Deep Dream that includes Google artificial intelligence. Neural net of Google artificial intelligence was used. Therefore, by deceiving our brains, the machine allowed us to non-existent objects as if they existed.

For the experiment, researchers used the Deep Dream version to process the video of Sussex University’s campus. Video was tried on 12 participants. The experiment indicated that hallucinations were similar to the ones caused by psilocybin which is a hallucinogenic substance.

A second experiment was performed to monitor how hallucinations had affected people’s time perception. Participants were asked if they experienced temporal distortions. In the experiment, participants responded similarly to control videos. Although the hallucinations were copied by machine, the feeling of inertia could not be copied. These kinds of studies change the way inventers perform experiments. Although it is a terrible fact, artificial intelligence technology expected to capture the human brain in the immediate future.

So, what do you think about the hallucination machine? Can artificial intelligence conquer the world in the future? You can share in the comments.

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