What Exactly Is Technological Singularity?

Technology could bring us to an end in every way. So what exactly is technological singularity?

We have always pursued a new technological innovation throughout the human history. Although these innovations seem very simple to us when we looking back to the past, each of them can be considered incredible developments for that period. In the 21st century, everything is progressing very quickly in the period we are in. Most technological advances push to the limits of our imagination. One of them is the technological singularity. This development that is likely to set the groundwork for a complete change of the human history, it could bring us to an end in every way. So what exactly is technological singularity? How far away is technological singularity? Is technological singularity possible?

What Is The Technological Singularity?

Technological singularity refers to the highest level that the artificial intelligence can be achieve in the development process. It’s estimated that intelligent robots will be produced much more comprehensive than human intelligence, and that human history will undergo a radical change.

This superior artificial intelligence, whose examples we’ve came across in films like Lucy, The Matrix, Transcendence, although it is enjoyable to watch in movies, it may not actually be so great.

The artificial intelligence, that is probable to transform most things in our lives; it’s thought to be effective in many areas such as education, research and development, politics, management, production, security.

Neumann’s concept introduced of technological singularity first appeared in the 1950s. Vernor Vinge, a mathematician and science fiction writer, actually likens the technological singularity it  explains in terms of astrophysics to a black hole. İt describes the similar point of technology singularity with a black hole as the result of us entering an unpredictable wait after the emergence of the super artificial intelligence.

If we take from an astrophysical perspective, the black hole expands and expands further  as it swallows matter. This issue is event horizon expansion. This horizon, that is, as the event horizon expands, a very strong gravitational field is formed. Our inability to predict beyond and beyond the event horizon, which we can’t find in any physical examination at this stage when time has completely stopped, is associated with a technological singularity. It’s very hard to predict where the technological singularity will evolve.

Will The Technological Singularity Have Frightening Consequences?

Although it isn’t clear for the moment when the evolution of super artificial intelligence will come into our lives, there are some predicted dates.

Ray Kurzweil, the future scientist who makes predicts about technology singularity; it predicts that in the 2025s, more powerful computers will be produced than the human brain, and concrete steps will be taken to make the artificial intelligence conscious. After this concrete step, it is thought that we will experience the peak period of the technological singularity. He even says that humans and artificial intelligence can work in harmony within a common robot. However, it’s still being discussed how compatible a conscious robot and a person with a more comprehensive diversity of emotions can be.

We know that there are steps being taken in artificial intelligence nowadays too. These steps form the foundations of the super artificial intelligence 50-60 years later. As artificial intelligence has developed so much, it is seen as essential for people to develop themselves in order to reach a high levels of artificial intelligence creation.

Other scientists who have done various studies on this issue say that robot-human harmony and artificial intelligence may be the latest product of intelligence available to the human brain.  They predict that artificial intelligence will level up mentally all of humanity.

This level changes the structure of our brains, integrating our minds onto this intelligence; it includes being able to increase the processing power and storage of our own brain. Thus, with this intelligence improvement, people will have faster access to more diverse inputs and thus be able to think faster.

The question that confuses the minds in this process is: if the human brain can renews itself over time and reach a level that will produce new technologies, can robots with artificial intelligence do that? What will be the consequences if such a thing is possible? We have to say that there is a subject in the obscurity. Although it’s intimidating not to be able to predict where the end of artificial intelligence, which we assume will constantly improve itself, it isn’t known whether it will be possible to bring it under control.

We told what exactly is technological singularity. So, what do you think about super artificial intelligence and the technological singularity? Do you think it could lead to frightening developments in the future?

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