Human Like Robot Might Knock On Your Door For Delivery!

We humans think about our robots about how are they going to take our jobs; robot which look and work like humans have already started to get into our lives. Right now Ford has been conducting R&D with Agility Robotics which is in the autonomous vehicles World. After these studies there is an important discovery. Ford ’s smart robot has already designed as an inspiration to other autonomous vehicles. This robot can make delivery, can walk like human and looks like human. Here are the details.

What can autonomous robots do like human instead of delivery?

Online shopping increases day by day and autonomous robotsa re starting to deliver your goods. Autonomous delivery robots which we hear them frequently becomes commonly heard technologhical product in our day. Smart robot called Digit is one of them. It has become the product of R&D studies conducted by Ford and Agility Robotics. Digit looks like human and walks like human. Thus it has ground breaking features around autonomous delivery robots.

An humanlike robot Digit , can climb ladders with both legs. We can clearly say that this performance made experts got captivated. Evenmore experts agree that Digit is ahead of their rivals by one step compared to it’s competitors.

What kind of features does Digit have?

Digit is produced by light materials and only weighs 20 kilos. It can walk on rugged terrain comfortably, evenmore it can pass obastacles easily. Actually they are core features for them because they might need to g oto delivery points on rugged terrain.

Digit is also unique on when it comes to design. It can fold itself and can reach into low volume.

Digit is a smart and autonomous robot and it will deliver your goods like delivery man. Digit will be brought into delivery point by a vehicle like other delivery man. And this car is also designed as an autonomous vehicle. Autonomous delivery robot Digit will be taken to delivery point by this vehicle. This autonomous vehicle has been equipped with where to go and how can it reach this destination kind of information. When autonomous vehicle gets into delivery point Digit comes down and makes delivery. Meanwhile all information Digit needs have been transmitted by wireless connection.

Well what situation does Digit Project in? How does human like robot Digit Works and makes delivery? To watch there is Digit’s video and evem more details continues at the news.


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