Microsoft’s Big Investment on Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial intelligence is a sector that all technologhical giants took place. They aim to get a slice of the cake while some firms are creating directly with their name, some of them are building a R&D team for artificial intelligence, some of them are supporting ventures and projects about this technology. Microsoft has made an investment to a artificial intelligence venture in Silicon Valley. As they’ve done 1 billion dollars to OpenAI, they’re aiming to expand it’s own share in the market. What does Microsoft is planning to do in artificial intelligence? Here are the details.

What is the difference in artificial intelligence and artificial general intelligence technology?

OpenAI got a billion dollars worth of investment from Microsoft. OpenAI’s biggest difference is they’ve focused on artificial general intelligence.

Artificial general intelligence can be seperated from other artificial intelligence technologies. If developing artificial intellgence can adapt to different processes and learns them, it’s artificial general intelligence. Artificial intelligence technologies are being developed to learn a job and to make it do better but artificial general intelligence is being differentiated from it’s adaptability to constantly changing situations.

What is OpenAI? What it does?

OpenAI was founded with many well-known members of Silicon Valley in 2015. Their aim was to support corporations in R&D’s in artificial intelligence and they’ve continued to do so without a price. OpenAI has stated that they require financing to continue their researches and it becomes a venture that’s been turning into a for profit venture.

Their success relies on it’s promises and potentials of artificial intelligence. OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman stated that if lab studies continues artificial general intelligence will continue to get all it’s potential value.

As they’ve promised that their ROI will be 100 times, it’s trust underlies in Altman’s belief in artificial general technology. He also stated that this technology will revulutionize artificial intelligence and and it’ll be ahead of this sector for a long time, Altman said this technology will become as flexible as human brain.

What does Microsoft planning in artificial general intelligence? When this technology will involve in our lives? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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