Most Advanced World’s 9 Robots!

There have been very important developments in robot technology in last years. Most interesting and talented 9 robots in the world, our news…

According to economists, robot technology has become one of the most invested sectors in the last 10 years. So, large companies, as well as entrepreneurs, have increased their work on robots. There have been very important developments in robot technology in last years. Robots have been given new features. Humanoid robots and artificial intelligence robots has increased of number. Intelligent robots attracted attention with their human and animal-like builds. Most interesting and talented 9 robots in the world, our news…

Most advanced robots in the world’s:

1- Honda / ASIMO

This robot dates back to 1986. First prototype was produced in those years. For this reason, it is one of the oldest robots. Continued to be developed until today. Produced by Honda. This robot’s is main purpose help to people and make to life easier. ASIMO can act as a home robot or an office assistant.

2- Festo / SmartBird

Festo, a German company. It is one of the important brands in the field of robot technology. They usually develop robots based on animals. They developed the robot named SmartBird by taking inspiration from seagulls. It is physically and behaviorally very similar to seagulls. This robot can fly by itself and can be put perfectly. It weighs 450 gr. It has large wings, almost 1.96 m wide.

3- Boston Dynamics/ Atlas

Boston Dynamics is a well-known robot brand with athletic robots. There are many attractive animal robots as well as humanoid robots. Atlas, proves the current situation in robot technology. Because Atlas a humanoid robot, has a magnificent balance structure. It can move objects from one place to another, like a human. And it does this very delicately.

4- Boston Dynamics / Handl

This robot’s feet are wheel. In this way, it can go quickly and It doesn’t leave from its route. It can stand without losing its balance with its powerful brake mechanism. It’s very talented in climbing stairs. Can perform acrobatic movements such as spinning around. This robot’s most important feature is perfect balance, like all Boston Dynamics robots.

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5- Boston Dynamics / Spot

Spot is four legged and similar dog a robot. This robot is owned by Boston Dynamics. This robot’s is most important feature, its ability to move on rough land. It can take its position even when subjected to devastating blows like kicks. Even if it falls over, it can get off the ground nimbly. Its main purpose is to carry loads in difficult terrain conditions.

6-  Boston Dynamics / SpotMini

It has a more portable structure than the spot model. This robot has one arm. Through this arm, it can easily carry objects. SpotMini has all the features of robots named Spot.

7- Agility Robotics / Cassie

This robot’s is to main purpose support search and rescue activities. It is thinking to play an important role in social life. This robot can bring the cargo to our door, like a cargo staff. Produced by Agility Robotics. It can also be used in the defense industry by placing military ammunition, unlike other robots.

8- MIT / Cheetah

This robot is inspired by for their fast running cheetahs. It can keep going at high speeds on rough terrain. This robot is also very good at jumping obstacles compared to other robots. Produced by MIT.

9- Festo / Bionic Kangaroo

Festo usually develops animal robots. Bionic Kangaroo is one of these robots. It physically looks like a kangaroo. Talented at jumping like kangaroos. It can jump 80 cm forward. This robot’s is most important feature, it can reproduce the consumes energy.

So what do you think are the most advanced robots in the world? Which robots should be on this list? You can share in comments.

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