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Nuclear Waste Cleaning Robots Are Stepping In!

A robot is being developed by scientists to carry and to clean this nuclear waste.

As we know, an earthquake happened in Japan with a 9 magnitude. As a result from the earthquake, tsunami has caused leaks at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. For this reason, many people had to abandon their homes.

Robots which do the nuclear waste management have been damaged and become unable to work because of the radiological leak. This robot couldn’t manage to work because of the effect of radiation to this robot especially to it’s cables and the surface. For this reason, nuclear waste cleaning robot project became unsuccessful.

This nuclearwaste cleaning robot is being made by all the experiences to minimize the margin of error. Well what do you think about nuclear power plants and nuclear waste? What are your opinions when it comes to nuclearwaste cleaning robots? Share your opinions on the comments section below.

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