Pizza Orders Are Prepared By Robots!

We are discussing whether robots and artificial intelligence will take many jobs. It is said that robots will take many professions from arbitration to cookery, cookery to secretary. We also see robots that are currently in different areas. Robots also are now making pizza

Currently, there are 35 unit pizza robots in California and we will see it overall the world soon. The robot was designed and built by Toyota for Pizza Hut. Imagine that a truck is ready for you in 7-8 minutes without any people getting involved. It manages all the pizza processes in a truck, offers it to the customer who orders without any human support and makes it suitable for sale.

So how does this pizza robot work?

Toyota met with Pizza Hut to create a portable pizza kitchen. The robot is actually working with the following technical parts: The fuel system of a Toyota truck was replaced by a hydrogen fuel cell and some robotic additions were made. Thus, it was made to produce pizza with zero emissions.

This truck was originally designed as a hydrogen-fueled robot. In this robot, there are two robotic arms from the Nachi robotic that takes the preparation. These arms take the pizza out of the freezer and put them on the oven conveyor, cut, box and press the bell. The whole process takes a maximum of 6 to 7 minutes. During this time, your pizza is ready.

All of these programmed components are supported by the hydrogen fuel cell. However, since there are very few hydrogen fuel stations, it is thought that this robot might have been difficult to open to the world.

If you intrested, you could watch the video below:

What do you think of this robot that makes you pizza in 7-8 minutes? Share your comments with us…

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