Robotic Pillows Developed To Cope With Sleeping Issues!

Robotic pillow for better sleeping. In this news...

While sleeping is needed daily; most people sleep-deprived. Now, a robotic pillow got developed to cope with sleeping issues. Here are the details.

As sleeping is important to stay healthy; low quality sleep can reduce the quality of life. To cope with it, a robotic pillow got developed. This pillow breathes with you for better sleeping.

How the robotic pillow solves sleeping issues?

Somnox is the name of the pillow developed to cope with sleeping issues. While it breathes with you; it creates a sound while breathing. After a while, an individual sleeps according to the same breath. As the sound is not making you awake, it doesn’t cause any disturbance.

To use the robot, you’ll need to tap the button and to hug the pillow. First, it plays calming music to solve your sleeping issues. But, you can choose the music by yourself. After falling asleep, you don’t have to hug the pillow. You can re-activate your pillow by hugging onto it again.

It’s been produced by a soft fabric that can be washed by removing the cover. If washed with the robot, the robot might get damaged due to fluidal contact.

People control Somnox from the app named “Somnox Sleep Robot” that can be downloaded for free. With its app, you can change the sleeping time, respiration speed, and rhythmic sounds of the robot. Even more, positive results being taken after a few weeks of use.

While it’s priced at 600 £; they send you an SD card, washable arm, charging device, and user manual with it including a two-year warranty without harming your health.

Do you have sleeping issues? What do you think about this robotic pillow? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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