Smart Bracalet Preventing Stress!

In today’s world, we do not have any stress-free moment because of the fast life, the busy work pace, the needs in the house, the catching up of something and not trying to miss anything. This situation can affect individuals deeply. It is a scientifically proven fact that stress has a negative impact on human life. Headaches, sleep disorders, fatigue, digestive problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, obesity and even aging, as well as many negative health problems. Moreover, the longer this stress, the worse for both your mind and your body, and the more difficult it is to heal. Different solutions to eliminate this intense stress are presented together with the developing technology. One of them is the stress bracelet. Here are the details.

It measures your stress level and prevents stress!

Well-known for its stressful periods, this stress bracelet is called WellBeis a bracelet designed to support peace, calmness and well-being for hectic and busy people. It’s not just a bracelet ; it also offers the world’s first stress balancing application.

WellBe is the world’s first stress therapy bracelet designed to support your emotional health. It also works with the WellBe mobile app and not only detects stress; also offers ways to remove. The application receives information from your WellBe bracelet on an hourly basis. She finds out what your stress triggers are and shares them with you. When your stress level exceeds a certain level, it sends you a warning. The warnings he sent are not ordinary alerts. These include effective and personalized exercise or meditation programs that will help you relieve stress and restore calmness.

This smart stress bracelet sensors monitor your heart rate every 3 minutes. Throughout the day, according to time, place and people you contact with your stress and calmness level by analyzing a specific algorithm and heart rate variability are determined. Your stress level is also delivered through the mobile app. Although there are many products that measure heart rhythm in the wearable technology market, this technology can stand out from the competition with its algorithms and suggestions.

If you have stress, it provides stress therapy!

WellBe not only identifies stress, but also offers you a variety of solutions as soon as you are stressed out. With the mobile application integrated with the WellBe bracelet , it offers stress-reducing and personalized programs to help you stay calm, regardless of your circumstances. These include breathing, meditation and awareness exercises, as well as personalized programs and even playlists. All of these programs are being prepared through the Mentor Channel and by the well-known consultants as programs that include 7, 14 and 21-day plans. These personalized plans remind you to meditate every day and allow you to adopt calmness over time as a habit.

WellBe applies different stress reduction exercises to you, but also measures changes in your stress and calm levels. It also allows you to see the ”pre” and ”after“ effect of each program you apply. WellBe also asks you to have permission to access your location and calendar so that you can also measure your level of stress according to activities or people you meet. If you have a high level of stress caused by these factors, it reports to you.

This smart stress wristband, which works in a synchronized way with the mobile app on your smartphone, is not only intense meditation and exercise programs, but also when users see that their stress levels increase; When you exceed the level of stress on an hourly basis, you will be able to relax immediately, “drink a glass of water, do a little stretching, 15 minutes to do yoga” such as small and effective suggestions.

Awareness and meditation are among the most effective ways to reduce stress. There are also many positive effects, such as sleep, productivity and lasting good sensations in your mind. According to a recent study at Harvard University, meditation affects the gray matter in the brain, making the brain and body aging much better.

The bracelet is made of a very interesting material. Why is this bracelet particularly relevant to nature lovers? Is it now on sale, how much is it sold and where? Read more.


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