Smart Cabins That Put On Sunscreen Will Be On The Beaches!

The smart cabin on the beaches will make it easier for you to apply sunscreen on your own. This interesting technology, on our news…

Of course, the summer months and the bright sun can be enjoyed at times when a beautiful sea, sand, and sun trio are together. One of the most favorites of sea vacationers who fall in love with this trio is sunbathing. However, it is necessary to stand under the sun in a certain period of time and most importantly, not to go out in the sun without sunscreen. Otherwise, our fun holidays can turn into nightmare-filled days. It is quite difficult for us to apply the sun cream to ourselves. Especially when we were on our own, we had a lot of pain because of the sun creams that we could not spread carefully and meticulously to our entire body. A technology has been developed to solve this situation. The smart cabin on the beaches will make it easier for you to apply sunscreen on your own. This interesting technology, on our news…

How to use the smart cabin with sunscreen?

When exposed to harmful rays under the sun, it is important to be creamed correctly in order not to suffer. Usually, it is a little difficult for alone people to apply the cream correctly. A new technology has been developed for this problem.

smart cabins that put on sunscreen will be on the beaches moblobi

This technology called Snappyscreen resembles the cabins we enter that spray water on us on the beaches. The person who wants to apply sunscreen comes into the cabin. They choose one of the degrees up to 15-40 factors that appear on the machine and their height. Then the platform in the middle of the cabin and on which the person stands starts to turn around itself. Thus, the whole body is creamed by spraying method within 10-15 seconds.

This smart cabin allows the sunscreen to spread evenly over the entire body. It can even reach hard-to-reach areas like armpits. Snappyscreen is currently located in luxury resorts and hotels. We hope that the days we will see on our own beaches are coming.

What do you think about this smart cabin technology developed for applying sunscreen? If you know such practical technology products used in daily life, you can share them in the comments section.

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