Smart Flower Pot That Makes Plants Talk!

Smart flower pot that keeps track of the status of your flowers has been developed. It provides your flowers to speak, tell their needs. In our news...

People who grow plants in their homes know that almost every plant needs special care. Houseplant care is not as easy as it seems. There are so many details. For example, some of the plants need sun while some of them do not need, and for some of the plants watering frequency is different. To resolve these problems, a smart plant that keeps track of the status of your flowers has been developed. A smart flower pot that allows your flowers to speak, tell their status and needs. Here are the details.

What are the capabilities of the smart plant?

We need a little bit of green space in our homes. On the other hand, the care of plants that have a decorative function is another topic. To facilitate these, a smart plant called Lua has been developed to keep track of the status of your flower.

Although the Smart Flower Pot attracts attention due to its colorful design, it is not the main feature of the smart plant. With having 15 different animated emotional expressions, the smart plant Lua depicts how your plants feel instantly with these expressions. Lua helps you with understanding the needs of your houseplants.

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How does Lua express its feelings and needs?

Plant’s sensors control factors such as light, temperature, mineral level of the soil. With the information received from the sensors, the front screen of the Smart Flower Pot reflects the appropriate expression. For example, if the plant’s condition good, the smart plant describes it by smiling at you. If not, the smart plant describes it tearfully. Moreover, thanks to the SmartPlant mobile app, you can customize the settings as you want.

Six of the fifteen expressions are all about the health of the plant. If you forgot to water your plant, smart plant looks thirsty. If something is wrong with light, the expression will be a vampire-like facial. The eyes of Smart Flower Pot follow the objects around whenever it’s awake.

In your home, Lua can be both a decorative houseplant and a new face coming into your home. However, let’s mention that it is not on sale right now, but you can pre-order via its website.

What do you think about Smart Flower Pot? According to you, what other technologies can be used in plant care? You can share your opinions in the comments.

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