Smart Hearing Aid Developed!

Since most hearing aids are powered by batteries, the charge may run out suddenly. Rechargeable smart hearing aid eliminates this situation. In our news…

Many people today experience hearing loss.  One of the treatment methods for the problem of hearing loss caused by genetic or environmental factors is wearing a hearing aid. Everyone with this problem think to which hearing aid is best? However, since most hearing aids are powered by batteries, the charge may run out suddenly. The developed rechargeable smart hearing aid eliminates this situation. On our news…

What interesting features does smart hearing aid have?

The device called Eargo Max which is developed by a company based in Silicon Valley aims to eliminate the problem of battery discharge, which is the biggest problem of those who have hearing problems.

The device in question is made from a soft medical grade silicone. Devices we are accustomed to are made of hard plastic that completely covers the ear and surrounds the ear. This ear device, on the other hand, uses Flexi Fibers to keep the device in users’ ears without disturbing them. Thus, it enables the air to go to the ear canal.

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This device is powered by rechargeable batteries. When fully charged, it can work for a week. You can also carry the charging box wherever you want. The USB-powered device also has a hard carrying case. Its bag prevents it from getting damaged when it falls or it got stuck.

This device has a small design, unlike hearing aids we are used to. It can be easily attached and removed from the ear. It has four different vocal transitions and if you want to switch from one sound to another, just tap your ear. You can stop at the transition you want with one touch. This in-the-ear hearing aid amplifies the sound in your field of vision. When high-frequency sounds are amplified, it offers natural sound.

For those who are wondering, let’s share the following detail: The hearing aid cost is around $ 2500. The ear hearing aid comes with a USB cable, cleaning tool, two Eargo max in the box.

Do you use hearing aids? What other technologies do you think can be used in this regard? You can share it in the comments.

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