Smart Ring For Coronavirus Diagnosis

A smart ring being developed to diagnose coronavirus

As early diagnosis plays a vital role in coronavirus; researchers try to develop solutions. Now, a smart ring being developed to diagnose coronavirus. Here are the details…

How is a smart ring being used to diagnose coronavirus?

As COVID-19 continues and its symptoms are similar to flu; it causes the disease to be diagnosed for later periods. Now, Oura Ring developed with artificial intelligence to make the diagnosis easier bu analyzing overall health.

While  Oura Ring was developed as a sleep tracker; it became utilized for COVID-19. Because it can measure body temperature. So, it became possible to warn people against the disease.

Smart ring Oura Ring has sensors to warn against the virus. And, this ring has a sensitivity to heat. So, people get notified when their body temperature has risen.

Firstly, it was being experienced by the employees. Even more, the CEO of the company got notified when his body temperature rose suddenly. So, he became hospitalized and test results became positive on coronavirus. Thus, this ring can be used for early diagnosis.

So what about smart ring price? Despite its’s sold at $300; it can be used for daily life with waterproof features.

Even more, it’s being planned to use in a medical center in San Francisco. They already distributed 150.000 people for testing especially medical personnel. The aim is to get information about their health.

What can be used against coronavirus? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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