Sticky Sensor That Checking Your Health!

Thanks to the sticky sensor, our health status can now be checked instantly. How will the sticky sensor be used? In our news...

Wearable technology products make our lives easier. Especially in the health industry, it is used in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. Thanks to the sticky sensor, our health status can now be checked instantly.

How will the sticky sensor be used?

Especially in the last year, our perspective on wearable technologies has changed a little. Wearable technologies, which only add additional functions to our other smart devices and aim to make our daily routines a little easier, are now in a much different position. Wearable technology developments in various sectors continue to make this technology more meaningful for all of us. We cannot ignore its benefit, especially for the health sector.

BodyNet, the wearable technology designed by Stanford University researchers and engineers, is an example of these meaningful breakthroughs. BodyNet, which is applied to the skin just like a band-aid, is to detect the physiological signals coming from your skin with the help of sensors and to inform you.

This wearable technology is effective in certain areas for now, but it will be able to read the whole body in the future.

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BodyNet’s process, such as design, development, and prototyping, takes about three years, and the ultimate goal is to create a safe health control system that can be easily applied to every person without using any electronic system. It aims to provide people with more comfort and to get rid of costly and tiring electricity and cable systems. To achieve this, “radio frequency identification” technology is used.

What is an adhesive sensor do?

For those who do not know, let’s explain briefly: RFID, ie “radiofrequency identification” technology, in the simplest terms, can be said to be similar to the identity cards you use when entering your company or school. When you hold the ID card to the RFID receiver, it collects and transmits the RFID energy thanks to the chip on the card. In this way, the card instantly generates a code and the door opens.

We can say that the working principle of the sensors on the BodyNet is very similar to this system. The sensors also have an antenna system, just like the chips on the card, and this system collects the RFID energy on itself. Sensors powered by this energy read on the skin they are applied to and send the data back to the receiver. Of course, the system is not designed inspired by identity cards, but in principle it has similarities.

For now, developments of the technology that can be used on the pulse and respiratory. The research team believes the BodyNet can be used at advanced levels for other things like sweat, temperature, and so on.

So what do you think about the innovations that wearable technologies can bring to the healthcare industry? Do you think we will be able to see these technologies in health institutions soon? You can share your opinion as a comment.

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