Technology Companies Which Have Died In Last Years!

Which Technologies And Technology Companies Have Said Goodbye In last Years?

Some technologies and technology companies that started out with hope but succumbed to consumption and innovations and ended in disappointment. Let’s read more about technology companies which have died in last years.

While technology is rapidly developing and growing, there are many companies that contribute to this. The impossibility of staying away from technology keeps these companies alive. While we are living in such a consumer society, these technology companies meet our needs and satisfy us; On the other hand, they make huge profits. Therefore, a mutual gain is actually achieved.

However, not all companies can be long term. While some companies can shine and fade with few products or services; some of them try to survive by strengthening their existence as a result of long efforts. Some of them start this adventure so well that they manage to make their name known from the first day they appeared. Among the top names are companies that we call technology giants.

Which Technologies And Technology Companies Have Said Goodbye In last Years?

It is also very difficult to achieve these and to come a certain place and protect the company name. Sometimes companies can become dead because they do not update themselves for a while or even talk about themselves. For example, Apple iPad Mini, Mac Mini, Macbook Air, Mac Pro and iPod were companies in danger years ago. On the other hand, the company’s AirPort router line and the Time Capsule backup drive were close to the hour of death. Despite this, Apple’s innovative stance surprised many people.

It is unknown when it will rise. However, with increasing consumer demands, new products put the old ones aside. For example, over the last decade, technology has gotten stronger, and phones have slowly killed devices such as MP3 players. Technologies that are often doomed to die; they become the ones which cannot keep up with innovation. For example, Microsoft’s Kinect detection camera and microphone array was moved from the Xbox game to the company in 2017 as Azure Kinect.

In the next period, there are many more categories that we think will succumb to innovation such as GPS devices, point-and-shoot cameras and voice recorders in our phone. Excessive consumption can sometimes be the killer of technology. There are some companies, products and technologies that reflect the technology trends of an era, regardless of their lifetimes, effects, feelings they have created. Here are the technologies and technology companies that started their journey with hope but succumbed to consumption and innovations and ended in disappointment:

  • In 2011, the ‘typewriter’, one of the most important technologies of the time, was bid farewell and the last typewriter factory was closed.
  • The search engine before Google’s rise was AltaVista. Altavista fell into the hands of some companies and survived extinction by 2013. In the end, however, ıt was defeated.
  • Microsoft Office’s Clippy application died in 2002. Although it was resurrected after a short while; it was killed again in 2015.
  • Gawker was a tech gossip blog that was social in many ways and animated the 21st century. However, after a lawsuit in 2016, it also stopped broadcasting.
  • Since 2006, Twitter has been used with a limit of 140 characters. However, it renewed itself and it started to be used with 280 characters in 2017.
  • Klout was a social media popularity system. It was scoring according to the social media influence of the users. However, it was closed in 2018.
  • Yahoo Instant Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger survived until 2017. When Microsoft Messenger reached Skype in 2012; Blackberry Messenger vanished in 2019.
  • We said goodbye to VW Beetle in 2019.
  • In 2020, it seems that we will see the end of Adobe Flash.

We explained technology companies which have died in last years. So, are there any technologies that have ended in the last years that you want to add to this list?

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