Technology Finished Folding Laundry!

Technology doesn’t leave us a job to do. This technology that will make our lives easier and save us time also enter our lives. All of us wash and dry the laundry and we’re folding. It’s becoming a worry for us. Technology that makes a lot of things smart also found a solution to this. The name of the technology that ended this problem is Foldimate. Well how do you say that? Details in our news…

Foldimate is a robotic laundry folding system. So you can fold up to 20 items in four minutes. Very small socks, large sheets, towels, children’s clothes can fold up. In addition, it can optionally sprey a  smell on the laundry, which makes it more preferable for ladies who are bored of folding laundry and ironing everything.

Each laundry has to be hung up regularly on the latches in the robot and then Foldimate starts working in the specified time and working properly. Afterwards, the laundry is folded into the robot and being folded, the robot completes its job.

You can now pre-order by paying $ 980 for the Foldimate which is in the prototype phase. The shipments are expected to be completed by the end of 2019.


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