The Robot Vacuum That Kills Viruses in Your Room!

Those planning to travel can't be sure about the cleaning in their place they go to. A mini cleaning robot was developed to solve this situation. In our news...

The period of the pandemic, which we fought as the whole world, changed our hygiene habits. Anymore, we much more attention to some of the hygiene rules that we were very less sensitive to before. Especially, those planning to travel during the holiday period can’t be sure about the cleaning in their hotel rooms and the houses they go to. We all think about questions such as how clean are the hotels, when are the sheets we slept in were washed. Everyone curious about which robot vacuum best?  A mini cleaning robot vacuum was developed to solve this situation. Interesting robot vacuum, in our news…

What can the cleaning robot do?

The vacuum robot named CleanseBot was developed as a microbe repellent. The cleaning vacuum robot produced by a stranger company performs to the cleaning with the UV rays it emits. It is providing ease of transportation due to its very small size. It can destroy the microbes in the sheets with its the microbe killing feature.

the robot vacuum moblobi

The mini cleaning vacuum robot can be used on every surface. It can even kill airborne viruses. For this the robot’s, 60 minutes or 30 minutes work is enough. The cleaning vacuum robot zigzags forward and it can able to cleaning viruses in question, bacteria in the ground or in the air.  As the cleaning robot can progress by itself; it can be used to hold it by hand due to its handle. So, you can also use it to clean the surfaces of mobile phones and items.

It can easily fit into travel bags for the robot’s size is very small. In this way, travelers can feel safe by cleaning their beds, floors and air in the places they go.

Did you change your hygiene habits during the pandemic? Do you think about to go on holiday during this period? What do you take precautions for hygiene? You can share your views from the comments section.

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