There Will Be Digital Screens On Bags!

Many of the devices we use are either connected to the internet or carrying a screen. Now there will be screens on the handbags we use. In our news...

Technology is in all kinds of products now. Many of the devices we use are either connected to the internet or carrying a screen. Bags are also one of these. Now there will be screens on the handbags we use…

What will the screens on bags do?

The world-famous Louis Vuitton brand created a groundbreaking innovation in the fashion industry. They placed flexible screens in a handbag. This flexible screened handbag proved that fashion keeps pace with the developing technology.

Flexible displays were placed on top of Louis Vuitton’s most iconic bags and displayed at the Cruise 2020 show in New York. Some of the bags featured a large flexible screen, while others had smaller dual screensc. The brand described these bags as “a digital canvas“.

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Today, technological developments are seen in every field and many innovations are emerging in the field of design and fashion. This flexible display bag idea from the world’s famous brand, Louis Vuitton, may make us all a walking billboard in the future. Because the screen on the bag is constantly changing and different contents can take place on this screen.

Flexible screens in the bags will, of course, affect the production cost and offer an innovative design so the price of the flexible screens will of course be a little expensive. However, the brand thinks this handbag is an extension of the smartphone. They predict that the idea of the flexible screen bag will increase the functionality of the screens that exist in many places.

These bags, which combine design skills and innovation, are of course an important development in the fashion industry. It is not known when the brand will launch these bags. But tech-savvy and screen addicts are eagerly awaiting these bags.

So, do you expect the screens to be on other items we use? You can share your views in the comment section.

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