This Room Recharges Your Phone!

Disney Research plans a room capable of charging any compatible device! Talking about Apple’s development of wireless technology to charge your iPhone while sitting in your pocket; Disney Research plans a room capable of charging any compatible device.

They have not yet been able to provide physical freedom in this practice, which is possible with the rest of a mobile device on a charging pad, but continues to be worked on. What we want is charging experience as you walk into the living room or office, says Alanson Sample, a researcher on the system.

The creative team also shares the following technical information: It is necessary to provide structures for cabinets, chambers and warehouses in order to produce quasistatic magnetic fields that provide 1 kilowatts of power to mobile receivers almost anywhere.

Wireless power distribution is almost everywhere. Depending on the location of the rechargeable device, it is possible to transfer 1,900 watts of energy to the room with an efficiency of 40 to 95%. However, it is important to note that the actual room where the technology is now is an integral part of the design. In other words, in the current form of technology, you need to build a room according to a particular design for it to work.


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