What is Apple Spatial Audio?

Apple's new product Spatial Audio stands out as 3D audio tech.

What is Apple Spatial Audio? We searched for details about spatial audio, which excites us with its definition and features. One of the leading companies in technology, Apple’s new product Spatial Audio stands out as 3D audio tech. This new technology, announced in June 2020 at the WWDC keynote briefing, has been among the most talked about new products since then.

Spatial Audio Features

We are talking about a system that successfully receives 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos signals and applies audio filters. In this way, it enables both ears of the listener to capture sound in 3D from different angles. Although similar technologies have been invented before, Apple will be able to stand out as always.

This new technology first entered the market with Ios 14. However, it later took its place among the features integrated into all iPhone models. It is also compatible with iPads. iPhone 7 and later models, iPad Pro 3rd Gen and later models, Apple TV and Macbook Pro released after 2018 Model are some of the devices that support this feature. In addition, Dolby Atmos can work on Apple devices over 2018 models. The best collaborative applications of the system include Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, Hulu and Vudu. In addition, Netflix is ​​among these applications.

How to Turn On Spatial Audio

All you need to use this feature is a compatible Apple device and a pair of Airpods. If you examine the list of Bluetooth devices in the Settings section of your device, you can see the audio device you are connected to. If you touch the “I” icon next to your device, you can access the spatial audio information. If the icon is green, you can tell it is active.

It is also a fact that this new feature is very useful because it can work successfully with applications such as Netflix. However, it may be a disadvantage that it does not work with all Apple devices. That is why we want the feature to be supported by more devices. We can say that this new technology is a great advantage in games as well.

If you want to activate the Apple Spatial Audio feature, all you have to do is make sure you have a compatible Apple device type and check your settings. Connect your device via Bluetooth. Then click on the info sign you see next to your device on the screen. If it is green, it means active. Yes, that is all you need to reach this brand new Apple technology in a fast way!

Spatial audio is one of the developments that has excited us the most in recent years, offering great sound features in movies and media to users. It will always need improvement as it is a system that can integrate extremely realistic sound effects into your audio devices. However, Apple always does its best. This is obviously very impressive. We’re also very curious to see how far they’ll be able to develop this technology.

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