What Is The Final Situation On Driverless Automobiles?

And finally these driverless automobiles have already become a reality and it’ll enter in our lives soon...

We are seeing driverless automobiles in science-fiction movies for years. We even started to think would it become a reality after the internet revolution. And finally these driverless automobiles have already become a reality and it’ll enter in our lives soon. Evenmore nowadays many companies investing billions of dollars into this field and in very near future there will be autonomous vehicles in our doorsteps. Well what is the final situation on driverless automobiles? Here are the details.

Before commercial vehicles being produced, they have made many prototypes but first commercial vehicle revolution happined in early 1900’s in the USA with Ford Cooperation. It was a mass-produced vehicle for middle-class income level. After the Second World War, recovering Germany have started to dominate the automobile industry. Nowadays there is a global competition whic hosts countries like Japan, China and South Korea.

What are the results of conducted tests and what is the biggest obastacle?

Google Waymo, Nvidia, Apple, Daimler-BMW, Ford, General Motors, Uber, Tesla are the largest Corporation which invests into this field.

While tests are being conducted at an high pace for autonomous vehicles, there are some bad examples are happening. In 2018 while tests are being conducted in the USA an driverless UBER vehicle have caused a death of a person by crashing. This situation have made the perception that tests should be conducted for longer periods of time. But with a different perspective, when we think traffic accidents in our days are bad there is a certainty that driverless automobiles will cause far less accidents. Right now driverless automobile usage is banned in many countries around the world in public spaces.Germany have accepted a law that requires driverless cars to test them in general.

Biggest obastacle for driverless automobiles are legal legislations by countries. Evenore millions of drivers will get unemployed wants this progress to become slow. Another obastacle is internet connection problems. Despite with improved internet connection by 5G, there are some regions which doesn’t have any internet connection at all.

American Automobile Engineering Association have defined a five-stage plan in order for autonomous vehicles to be in our lives. While driver has dull responsibility at first and second stages, at third and fourth stages driver’s responsibilities will be shared with an self-driving vehicle.

Ford have announced that they’ll produce fourth-level vehicle. With full responsibiliy on vehicle and 100 percent artificial intelligence automobile will take it’s place on the market by 2050.

Well what do you think about driverless or autonomous vehicles? How do you find technologhical processes in this field and how do you find researches are being conducted by automobile corporations? Do you think to use driverless automobile in the fıuture? What do you think about the safety of autonomous vehicles? Do you trust them? Share your opinions on the comments section below.

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