Which Jobs Will Robots Steal?

Robots will be our colleagues in a few years and they will take the responsibility on us. What will be the robots job? In our news...

We often complain about overtime and workload. Robots will be our colleagues in a few years and they will take the responsibility on us. Working with robots can sound a little daunting. But in course of time, this situation will become an ordinary piece of our daily life. This development has advantages as well as disadvantages. For example, some jobs will be done completely by robots. So which professions are at risk? What will be the robots job?

The Boston Advisory Group states that in 2025, nearly a quarter of the work done today will be done by robots and special software. In a study conducted at Oxford University, it is stated that 35 percent of the jobs in the UK will progress software within 20 years. Accordingly, some problems may occur with the decrease in workload.

As artificial intelligence develops, unemployment problems will occur as the need for people will decrease. This problem is no longer an assumption. But entry robots’ into the our lives will provide job opportunities in different fields. Robot coordinator, artificial intelligence lawyer, IT and IoT solution architecture, cyber security expertise, software expertise, transformation manager, 3D printer engineering, industrial data scientist are some of them.

Robots are designed be superior to us on many issues. They can operate in every field. Robots have a wide range of research areas in many fields like space, military, medicine, and search and rescue.

Which occupational groups are at risk because of robots job?

Jobs that continue on the same schedule daily and continuously are at the top of the list. Office workers are the most affected by this situation. Robots jobs will take on more dangerous and risky areas, like factory workers. That way, people won’t be at risk and they will deal with more creative jobs.

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Another at risk profession is Taxi drivers. Now we get on driverless vehicles running software. This situation puts taxi drivers in danger. Uber and Google have rolled up their sleeves for this. They are developing detailed software on the subject. They will even be operational in the UK soon. British government has started work on the infrastructure regarding this situation. Government by renewing the roads, conditions and facilities are provided for the application.

Journalism is another occupational group at risk. Develop softwares can perform many operations without the need for a human brain in today. Quill is one of these software. Quill can write company reports, it can produce articles and content in every field. While people produce only 1 content in a certain period of time; Quill can create many posts at the same time. It is estimated that 90 percent of the news will be created by this type of software in 15 years.

If we talk about other professions, cocktail waiters and doctors seem to be at risk. Doctors are already working with robots. They go through the surgeries together. Robots do sewing during surgery because they are fast. Robots are not preferred at the moment. But this situation seems to change in the future. Also negativity of some surgeries and causes of death are attributed to robots.

This information will vary from country to country. For now seems entirely possible for small automation figures 2 percent of the profession in Turkey. I hope technology is designed only for good and improvement.

So, will your job be done by robots? Which professions do you think will be and which will disappear in the future? You can share in comment.

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