Will Apple Measure Blood Glucose?

Apple started a small biomedical engineering team and an unexplained project in an office very close to the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California. According to the testimonies of three different sources, the team is working on a project by Apple‘s former CEO, Steve Jobs. The aim of the project is to develop sensors that can measure the blood glucose level of diabetic patients from outside the body. The production of such a method will be a very important development for the life sciences. Many life science companies have tried to develop such a method in the past but have not succeeded. Measuring the blood glucose level without any damage to the skin is a very challenging job.

Apple is not the only company in this field. Google’s Verily team of life sciences is working to develop smart lenses that measure blood sugar levels. The company also collaborated with a company called DexCom in 2015 for a band-size glucose sensing device. The work is about to be completed. It is stated that Apple‘s initiative has been progressing far enough to make feasibility studies and has started to work with consultants to help with the legal arrangements of the implementation.

Apple‘s work in this field has been continuing for at least 7 years. The Project aims wearable devices such as smart watch, blood oxygen and glucose levels and heart rhythm by measuring the vital values โ€‹โ€‹of the person. In 2010, Apple acquired a company called Cor. The company’s CEO, Bob Messerschmidt’s jobs in the field of health sensor technology after the e-mail is claimed to take this purchase process. Messerschmidt then joined the Apple Watch team. However, since Apple has added a dozen biomedical specialists, such speculation has been discussed. Some of them joined the secret team, while others began working under Apple Watch.

What will be the most important thing in this invention?


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