World’s Smallest and the Cheapest Computer!

Let’s introduce you to a computer only a size of a credit card. Here are the details....

In modern times we rely on computers and our connection with them increases day by day. With technology being improved, processes we can do with our computers increased and computers features are being improved. Right now our computers are user-friendly and they are very durable as well.

We can do many new things with new computers while we can’t do them with the old ones. It was nearly impossible to coding and programming a long while ago. We used to imagine them but the time have changed and it has become an age of technology. In our day, people wants functionality and simplicity in our click and drag world. For this reason computers who has both features brought other computers to those features.

Here is the computer only a size of a credit card

Let’s introduce you to a computer only a size of a credit card. This technology’s name is Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is a mini computer made of an only board. Even more it can conduct in a very short time what a microcomputer does.

It’s first aim for it’s design is to make coding for students, amateurs and people who see coding as a hobby. The most important feature is it’s easy to use and also it’s very cheap. Because of these features, it attracts the attention of those people.

It’s been aimed to sell 1000 times when it’s first produced but it sold 18 million times because of it’s advantage over price. Raspberry Pi is being currently produced in England and it has the title of the most commonly sold computer at all times.

Raspberry Pi not just here to make codes and learn, it can also produce many devices such as smart-home devices. Even more this technology has been taken advantege of in the International Space Sttion. For example you can ıse Pi to protect yourself from cyber-attacks. You can automate your home devices, you can make a robot Works with Pi and you can make more efficient projects with them. You can have information about home automations, filling media pools, increasing wi-fi range or creating your own robot.

Raspberry Pi is also being used to teach the logic of how computers work. It has many tools for you to learn programming. Even more it makes writing code easier by it’s drag and leave feature.

Raspberry Pi’s main goal is to teach programming to new generation and children. Of course to servet his aim, a small computer kit has been launched into market powered by Raspberry Pi. Not just this aim for teaching programming for children and new generation, it also took it’s place in business world with a different version.

Raspberry Pi has it’s own circulation but ic can be used operating systems like Linux. This small conputer can work with Android versions. It comes into us by having the most common operating system Android and it’s been used commonly. Another advantage is that it holds it’s advantage with Raspberry Pi.

Pi’s features are being constantly improved and it’s versions are being increased. It’s the cheapest computer with a price range of 35 to 40 dollars. But let’s state that quickly. Raspberry Pi is a computer with a shape of a card. So, in order to make it work you need a keyboard, a screen, an SD card and a power source. Fort his reason if you want to have one of these in that price range and if you don’t have neccessary equipment to run it, you’ll need to add up neccessary equipment costs.

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