You Can Make Your Own Tattoo At Your House!

Everyone can make their own temporary tattoo with a printer specifically for tattoos.

As nearly all people have tattoos, some prefers permanent or temporary tattoos. Now, everyone can make their temporary tattoos with a temporary tattoo printer. But how? Here are the details.

In general, people thinks health effects when they consider to make permanent tattoos. Or some of them might get bored at all. Even more, some people thinks that they can be weird after they get older. For those reasons, people generally prefers temporary tattoos.

But, temporary tattoos takes long time to be completed. When considering the time it stays thorough the body; it might not be satisfying. But, a temporary tattoo printer named Prinker is one of the most efficient solutions.

How to use temporary tattoo printer?

While Prinker is designed by SketchOn, it’s a temporary tattoo printer that can transform designs and visuals rapidly to human body. So, it can apply tattoo design to human body within seconds.

The temporary tattoo printer works with a smartphone app. This app also contains a tattoo library that can be downloaded. If you wish; you can make your own designs with Sketcher or choosing a tattoo from it’s library.

Then, your design goes to portable printer. After the device is prepared; you need to hover the printer in targeted region for a couple of seconds. Then, your tattoo goes directly to your skin. As the ink is a cosmetic ink; it gives no harm to any type of skin.

Despite those tattoos are resistant to water, they can get deleted when they get washed with soap. But, tattoos stays around three days. However, the user’s perception of tattoo becomes important. When we consider the tattoo is made within seconds; it doesn’t create any issues. And, the ink can be used to create 1500 tattoos.

While Orinker produces home models for the last producer, it’s been used for various organizations. For example, they’re generally used in festivals and carnivals or sports organizations.

While Prinker’s popularity is increasing, it has many fields of use. Even more, it’ll enter our households. Despite it’s price is around $500, home made models are around $200.

Have you ever made a temporary tattoo or a permanent one? What do you think about this temporary tattoo printer that allows you to make your own tattoos? Share your thoghts at the comments section below.

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