2 Ways to Add Music on Instagram Stories!

When we wanted to share a song we liked, we were taking a screenshot and sharing it on Instagram stories. A while ago, Instagram found a solution with the Spotify platform. The music which we listen on Spotify, we can share it on Instagram stories now. How can you add music on Instagram story from Spotify? Can anyone who don’t use Spotify add music on Instagram stories? Here are the details…

Which methods are exist for adding a music on the Instagram story?

Spotify, which is a popular music platform of recent times, in here it is possible to share a song on Instagram stories that we listened on Spotify. Moreover, when you share your story, your followers can tap on it and switch to the Spotify platform. Here are 2 practical methods for sharing from Spotify on Instagram:

1- Adding music on Instagram story with Spotify:

  • Sign in to the Spotify app.
  • Open the song, album you want to share.
  • Click the three dots next to the track.
  • Click Share.
  • Select Instagram Stories here.

After following these steps, an album cover will be added to your Instagram story. After editing your Instagram story, you can share it. Thus, your followers will be able to go to the song by clicking the “Play on Spotify” menu in the upper left.

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2- Adding music on Instagram story without Spotify:

Users who don’t use a Spotify account can also share their favorite music in their stories. In fact, this feature has been around for a long time. But in some countries, this qualification is a new thing. If you are not using Spotify, here are the things that you need to add music on Instagram story;

  • Sign in to the Instagram app.
  • Go to the “Instagram Stories” menu.
  • Choose the image or video to share in your story in here.
  • Click the “music” icon after swipe up the screen.
  • Select the song which you will use to create the story.
  • Set the font style of the lyrics of the song.
  • Click “done” from the top right corner.

Thus, you will be able to put music on Instagram story. It should be noted that you can share songs which are only exist on Spotify. But with this way, it does not matter if you have a Spotify account or not.

So do you use Instagram? Have you ever used those methods to add music on your Instagram story? You can share in the comments.

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