4 Tips to Limit Your Time on Social Media!

There are 4 practical tips for spending time on social media and how it can be more controlled and limited. In our news...

How can we use the social media in a controlled way. There are 4 practical tips for spending time on social media and how it can be more controlled and limited. Here are the details.

Social media usage, which is indispensable for today, continues to increase. World population is growing and also affects the digital growth. According to a research; socialmedia interaction increased in proportion to the social isolation period during the pandemic period. Daily social media usage time increased from about 3 hours to 5 hours 38 minutes. Experts point out the importance of using social media in a controlled and informed way. So, how can we use the social media in a  controlled way? Which methods are preferred to limit the usage of the socialmedia. Here are 4 tips for it;

4 Tips to Limit Your Time on Social Media;

You may think that social media negatively affects your productivity and daily time management. For this reason, many people are looking for ways to get socialmedia out of their lives. When we considering that the digital world and it’s needs you may not be able to think of a life without social media. For this reason, experts propose to limit the social media with a balanced and conscious approach. There are many tools and methods that help to control the socialmedia usage, analyze your time data and create a daily social media routine. The important thing is in here; be loyal to the routine.

Here are 4 practical tips for conscious social media usage;

1- Pursue Your Time That Was Spent on Social Media

You may feel like you spend a lot of time on social media. But how much is it? How much you should reduce? RescueTime is a tool that answers those kind of questions and analyzes, reports the time you spend on different sites and applications. It can also block sites that considers to be harmful to you based on the data it has obtained. In addition, iOS has a built-in tool called EkranSaati that analyzes how much time you spend on your iPhone on an application basis. So iPhone users don’t need to use an extra applicaiton.

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2- Use Browser Extensions to Block Social Networking Sites

On desktop and laptop computers, one of the best tool you can use to limit your socialmedia usage may be a browser extension. It blocks the accessibility to the sites that you have determined. Some of them can also analyze the time you spend on sites and apps. Thus, you can meet two different needs with the same extension.

Different browser extensions also offer the same blocking service. StrictWorkflow is one of these extensions. After adding it to your browser, you can block the sites you selected by clicking the icon in the browser bar.
StayFocusd is an another browser extension. It allows you to block sites permanently or set daily time limits for different sites. It also allows you to block certain types of content, such as videos.

3- Enable Screen Time of the Mobile Apps

You can set time limits for social networks, games and all other applications on iOS devices. What you need to do for this is quite simple: You can select applications or application groups that you want to restrict from your phone by going to Settings> Screen Time> Application Limits. You can then customize the days and determine how many of them will be valid by setting a daily time limit.

In addition, some mobile applications such as Facebook and Instagram also have feature like time tracking. This feature tracks how many minutes you have used the application per a day and gives you a daily report. At the same time, it is possible to determine how much time you want to spend in the application in a daily basis with this feature. So you can get in-app notification when you reach the time limit.

4- Disable Notifications

Notifications from socialmedia can be distracting. You can turn off notifications when you don’t want to use socialmedia during the day. So, you can choose to stop the distruction.

When you manage the time you spend on social media with such methods, the rest of your time will become more important. Social media and technology can add value to our lives but depend on their usage aims. For this reason, it is important to create value as conscious users.

So what do you think about the social media usage? How many hours do you spend on socialmedia? What precautions do you take for conscious socialmedia usage? You can share it in the comment section.

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