4 Tips to Open a Locked Facebook Account!

What you should do when your Facebook account is locked? How to open a locked Facebook account? Check our news for 4 practical suggestions.

What you should do when your Facebook account is locked? How to open a locked Facebook account? Check our news for 4 practical suggestions.

The number of social media platforms are increasing and most of us can define these platforms as crucial for daily life. However, sometimes annoying things can occur on these platforms which we visit often. For instance, your social media account can be locked at times. What you should do when your Facebook account is locked? How to open a locked Facebook account? Check our news for 4 practical suggestions.

Why is a Facebook account locked?

We call the technology and internet as a part of our lives and nowadays, internet and technology have integrated social media with our lives. The number of social media platforms is increasing from day to day and the place these platforms gain in our lives is expanding as well. Now we spend most of the time we allocate to ourselves by surfing on our social media accounts. We share, send messages, and make friends on our social media account. In other words, we socialize through the internet.

However, some security issues can occur when you use social media platforms frequently. Our social media accounts can be spammed or temporarily locked. Popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook are examples of the platforms where we encounter security problems.

Facebook, one of the platforms where the problem of temporarily locking the account is encountered, has been popular for years. Sometimes, “Your account is temporarily locked” alert may appear on Facebook platform which used by almost everyone from 7 to 70. Although social media users often panic when they see this warning, you can solve this problem with practical tips. By following certain steps, you can log into your Facebook account easily.

How to open a locked Facebook account?

Solution 1:

Situations such as many friend request, message requests, multiple wrong password entries, login from a different device or malware may have caused your account closed or temporarily locked. Facebook senses this as a security issue in such cases and locks your account by taking security measures. When you encounter this kind of problem, it may take a week for your account to open. If you do not want to wait about a week, you can easily solve your problem by reaching Facebook employees. In order to do this, you can follow the steps below:

  • Take a screenshot of the error you encountered when logging into your account
  • Share the screenshot of the error with employees by using the “Attach a file” option
  • Thereafter, employees will return to you regarding your account and the error you received within 24 hours.

In some cases of where your account is locked, you can use your mobile phone to access your account instantly. When this is the case, a code will be sent to your phone. With the code, you can verify that the account belongs to you and then you can continue using your account.

Solution 2:

Another solution that you can use is identification verification. When you encounter with “Please confirm my identity” warning on Facebook, in order to continue you should choose “choose a security check” or “do a security check”. After then, Facebook will offer you some options to verify your identity. These offers are “answer your security question, identify photos of your friend, ask your friends for help.” You can unlock your account by selecting one of these options.

Solution 3:

Another solution is using antivirus programs. Sometimes malwares block the safety of your account and cause it to shut down. In such circumstances, you can use antivirus programs such as Security Essentials and McAfee. By downloading such programs, you can scan your device and access your account.

Solution 4:

Issues with your browser is one of the reasons that prevent you from reaching your Facebook account. In order to fix this issue, you can reset your browser settings to default. In your browser, go Settings and then click Reset Browser Settings. Therefore, your problem will be solved, and you should be able to login your account again.

So, has your social media account been locked before? Which solution have you used to come through this problem? You can share your experience and opinions through the comments section.

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