5 Interesting Stories From Early Days Of Facebook

5 interesting and inspiring stories from the early days of Facebook that you can find in newspapers. Let's look 5 interesting stories from early days of Facebook.

Facebook still remains at top of list the most used social media platforms. Facebook has a story of beginning and rising like other big companies as you guessed. This site was opened some years ago at Harvard University with the name “thefacebook.com”. Its had a vision that most start-up entrepreneurs could not dream. All these “firsts” put forward by the Facebook founder from early days are in the Harvard Crimson student newspaper of university. 5 interesting and inspiring stories from the early days of Facebook that you can find in newspapers. Let’s look 5 interesting stories from early days of Facebook.

1-) Emergence of Facebook

The emergence of “thefacebook.com” was featured Harvard student newspaper articles in February 2004. We can find some interesting information below in this article. During creation of Facebook, Harvard University said this site was unnecessary. Facebook founder and future multi-millionaire Mark Zuckerberg said that he didn’t actually set up the site for make money.

2-) First Growth Steps

One of the reasons M. Zuckerberg succeeded where others failed because, he was staying in the same dorm room with a friend who could put the money to build and run the site. Although it has only been a month, were becoming members of the website they had established students from their own university and students from other universities. Thus, Facebook usage network started to expand quickly. Running the site cost $ 85 per a month. Zuckerberg said might be nice for advertising servers to bear some costs in the future.

3-) First Legal Scope

Harvard University students sued Facebook in the fall 2004. They saying Facebook founder Zuckerberg had stolen their ideas.

4-) First Big Investment

One year after the site was launched, Accel Partners company invested 13 million to Facebook. This investment would become known one of the most profitable VC applications, after 7 years.

5-) First Great Return

Facebook moved to California and an article was published in the Harvard University student newspaper about Zuckerberg leaving out of Harvard indefinitely. After then Mark Zuckerberg back returned to Harvard and recruited engineers there to work for him. Zuckerberg offered salary $ 65,000 these engineers. Additionally, he announced that they will buy the facebook.com stocks.

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