6 Tips For Increasing Interaction On Instagram!

What is Instagram interaction? What are the ways to increase Instagram interaction? 6 practical tips, in our news…

Recently, many Instagram users are looking for ways to grow their accounts and reach a larger audience. The most common mistake is focusing only on the number of followers criteria. If you want to be discovered by brands and make money on Instagram, it is very important to get interactions. So what is Instagram interaction? What are the ways to increase Instagram interaction? 6 practical tips, on our news…

6 tips for Instagram interaction enhancement:

Used by 93 percent of popular and known brands, Instagram increased its brand interaction rate to 350 percent in 1 year. It is very important for brands or individuals to interact with their users in order to increase their view rates. For this reason, high interaction brands and personal accounts, of course, benefit from some strategies. How can you increase your Instagram interactions? Here are 6 practical methods:

1- Collaborate with Influencers

It is very important for users to follow the brands and pages. You can collaborate with influencers to gain interaction on Instagram. Because the use of face in photos increases 38% likes and 32% comments. The fact that brands selling products share photos of real and famous people using the product in question creates a 30 percent interaction.

2- Create an Instagram theme

The interaction may increase and decrease according to the colors of the shared photos. It is stated that light-colored photographs have 24 percent more interaction than dark-colored photographs.

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3- Analyze Instagram statistics menu well

Instagram shares some statistics to its users who switched to an Instagram business account. You can see the gender of your followers, the country they are in, their age ranges, and even when they are most active on Instagram. Of course, every person and brand should act according to their own statistics. But in general, it is known that the day that provides the most interaction in Instagram is Sunday and the day that provides the least interaction is Wednesday. But this is a general estimate and therefore may vary depending on your target audience. Another important point is to share daily posts. Otherwise, no one wants to follow an account that shares at intervals.

4- Be careful when using the hashtag

One of the ways to increase the likes of instagram is using the hashtag. But users can use these tags very incorrectly. Make sure that the posts you share and the hashtags you use have the same content. Otherwise, the algorithm detects this and prevents you from falling into the discover section. You should use no more than 5 related hashtags in the content you share.

5- Use video, emoji, gif

Looking at the shared content, it is known that the photos have 26% more interaction than the videos. It is seen that photos shared in blue color interact and are preferred by 24 percent more than those shared in red color.

6- Interact with other accounts

Recently, Instagram phenomena, sweepstakes, and contests made by celebrities, many followers of Instagram are increasing. But it should not be forgotten that incoming followers can go back. Apart from this, you can leave comments and suggest your page to other accounts to increase your number of Instagram likes.

Do you use Instagram? What are the tactics you use to interact with Instagram? You can share in the comments.

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